“How To” Videos:


How to build your torso:

How to do the scaling:


2017 Assignments:

Creature Feature Permission Slip (2 sided)

Parent Invitation to see creatures


Assignment 1 Tier A

Assignment 1 Tiers B AND C

Assignment 1 ACC

Assignment 2 Tier A: Scale

Assignment 2 Acc: Scale

Assignment 2 Tiers B, C : Scale

Assignment 4: Appendages and Spheres – Tier A

Assignment 4: Appendages and Spheres – Tiers B/C

Assignment 4: Appendages and Spheres – Acc


2017 Slide Shows:


Slide Show Period B

Slide Show Period C

Slide Show Period F

Slide Show Period G




C Period Creature Feature

Period C’s 2016 Movie


Period E’s 2016 Creature Games

Period B Creature Movie


Period B Slide Show 2016

Period C Slide Show 2016

Period E Slide Show 2016

Period F Slide Show 2016


2016 Assignments 


Assignment 1 – Acc

Assignment 1 Tier A

Assignment 1 – Tiers B/C


Torso Drawing (Sketch)


Assignment # 2 Tier A with technology, circuit


Assignment # 2 Tiers B, C with technology, circuit


Assignment # 2 ACC with technology, circuit


Assignment 3: Perimeter, area and Triangles tier A with technology and circuit


Assignment 3 – Perimeter, area and triangles tiers B and C with technology and circuit


Assignment 3: perimeter, area and triangles ACC with technology and circuit


 Period G Photo Library 2015

Period F Photo Library 2015

Period E Photo Library 2015




Period E’s Photo Library 2014


Period B’s Photo Library 2014


Period G’s Photo Library 2014


Creature Feature Original Movie Intro 

Creature Feature Photo Libraries


Period B’s Photo Library 2013

Period C’s Photo Library 2013

Period E’s Photo Library 2013

Period F’s Photo Library 2013


Documents for 2015:


Creature Feature – Cover sheet

Rubric for graph paper

Assignment 1

Assignment 2

Assignment 3

Assignment 4

Assignment 5

Assignment 6-Spheres and Circles


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